Electric Donkey – What’s there to know?

What is an Electric Donkey?
It’s a glow party at night that happens to also be a run! It’s “electric” because you’re going to light the Peg up with your glow factor – and Donkey?? Well.. isn’t it fun to just act like an A$%?!
Do I have to be a runner to do this?
No way! We’ll let runners come because that’s the nice thing to do but if you do the course too fast you’ll miss the awesome party along the route. And for all you runners.. sign up for the 10/10 race the next day so you can get all that running energy out of your system!
Is this run timed?
If you wear your Garmin watch or some other fancy fandangled time monitoring device – it will be indeed be timed. Good on ya!
Should I wear something special for the run?
Heck ya! If you show up wearing black tights and a black jogging sweater we’re gonna assume that you showed up for the wrong event. Wear bright colours, costumes and as many lights as possible! Check out our merchandise page to get yourself lit up.
What time does the run start?
Dusk. Can we be more specific you say? Patience E-Donkey! It is a night run after all so you better plan on staying up past 8 pm. Race will start when it’s dark, pretty close to 8:45. Festivities and dance party begin at the Forks Festival Stage at 6 pm.
Where do the shenanigans occur?
We are starting at the best known landmark in the city – the Forks (Festival Stage next to skate park) and we finish this year where you started at the Forks. So be sure to stick around for the PARTY with music and DJ’s until 11pm.
Should I tell my friends about this crazy thing I'm doing?
You’d be crazy not to! And plus, donkey’s are herd animals – the more the merrier. Get that link to your friends or share from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Electric Merchandise

How do I glow from head to toe?
Check out our merchandise page and get lit up!


How do I register myself?

Click the registration button! Then choose whether you want to register as an individual runner (most cases) or as a team or with your family. It’s really that easy and it only takes a couple minutes.

What does registration get me?

An awesome starter glow package to get your glow on, an #ElectricDonkeyRun HOO-Rag and a ticket to BEST AFTER EVENT PARTY EVER!

Can I get a refund if I can't make it?

Sorry, race entries are not refundable or transferable. Once you’re in, you’re in.

Is there an age limit?

We said bring grandma didn’t we? Bring great grandpa too! If you are “young” at heart, you need to be here! Oh and the actual young ones? Yes, they can come too – kids LOVE the Electric Donkey Run.

I can't figure out how to complete my registration, HELP?

Okay. Take a breath, calm down. First thing to do – try it again. We bet you it will work this time but if it really just isn’t – just send us a quick email and let us know what your trouble is. We’ll get ya figured out!

After Party

What happens at the finish?
We dance and glow some more! The party never ends from the moment you arrive until you cross the finish. You know what else is awesome? We will keep the party going until 11pm with music & DJ’s.
Will there be food and drink available?
You better believe it. What’s a party without food and drink? Food vendors will be onsite and bevvies will be available for purchase.

The Nitty Gritty Details

Where should I park?
Really we would like you to encourage you to consider walking, biking or taking public transport to the Electric Donkey. If you really do have to drive, there will be lots of parking at the Forks.
Can I bring my pet?
Nope. Pretty sure your family friend won’t be fond of all the people, bright lights and loud noise.

About Us

Who's awesome idea was this anyways?
The Electric Donkey is a collaborative effort between the genius minds of Swamp Donkey Adventure Racing & our good friends at Virgin 103.1 FM.

Eventbrite - The Electric Donkey Glow Run/ Walk Winnipeg MB The Forks September 8, 2017

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